The Malaysian Social Science Association, officially known by its Malay name Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia (PSSM), was registered on September 14, 1978 after four years of gestation and hard work by the pro-tem committee. Since its formation, PSSM has been under six presidents.

PSSM is today recognized and respected nationally and internationally as a body representing the Malaysian social science community and a vehicle to advance Malaysian social science and public advocacy in Malaysia. Guided by the aspiration to nurture and develop critical, committed and independent scholarship, PSSM’s flagship programmes include The International Malaysian Studies Conference (MSC Series) every two years, the publication of the Southeast Asia Social Science Review (SEASSR) and other key works, The Capacity Building Workshop for Young Scholars, Public Advocacy through various mechanisms including National Budget Consultations, and Forging a Community of Practice among social science scholars nationally and internationally through various organisations and networks.

PSSM strives to provide a healthy and inclusive environment which enables members to share knowledge and experience on societal issues, develop networks for engagement and pursue excellence in scholarship.