Role and History

Formed on 14 September 1978, Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia (in English: Malaysian Social Science Association (PSSM) aims to advance social science education research, publication as well as public advocacy to promote the corpus of social science and balanced development in Malaysia.

The Association’s activities including organizing forums, talks, seminars, conferences and capacity building workshops; conducting research; publishing books, and policy dialogues with the relevant government agencies and other stakeholders.

One of the flagships of PSSM is the biennial International Malaysian Studies Conference (MSC) which bring together Malaysians scholars and Malaysianinists to share research findings and ideas on various dimensions on Malaysian society, such as history, economy, politics, culture, education, science and technology and so on. PSSM collaborates with international organization such as UNESCO and is the official Malaysian representative for the social science in the Association of Asian Social Science Research Councils (AASSREC).

PSSM has a moral and professional duty to oversee the advancement and application of the social sciences in Malaysia. PSSM welcomes new members be they students, academicians,social activists, professionals, etc., and other interested people the social sciences.

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