Public Policy, Culture & The Impact of Globalization in Malaysia


“Public Policy, Culture and the Impact of Globalisation in Malaysia”
Edited by Mohd Hazim Shah and Phua Kai Lit
Kuala Lumpur: Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia 2004
164 pages



Chapter 1
The Corporatisation of a Public University: Influence of Market Forces and State Control (Molly Lee)

Chapter 2
The Path Towards a Malaysian Knowledge Society (Hans-Dieter Evers)

Chapter 3
Mahathir, Malaysia and the Multimedia Super Corridor: Development Catalyst, White Elephant or Cultural Landmark? (Jason Abbott)

Chapter 4
A Tale of Two Scenarios in the Development of Science and Technology in Malaysia (Mohd Hazim Shah)

Chapter 5
The Modern Melanau: Power and Risk in the Ethnic Margins of Sarawak (Claire Boulanger)

Chapter 6
Globalisation: Possible Effects on Health and the Health Sector in Malaysia (Phua Kai Lit)

Chapter 7
The Malaysian Tobacco Industry, Globalisation and Public Health (Simon Barraclough)

Chapter 8
Cross-Border Mobility of Construction Workers: Comparisons Between Malaysians in Japan and Foreign Nationals in Malaysia
(Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz)


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