New Perspective in Malaysian Studies


“New Perspectives in Malaysian Studies”
Edited by Mohd Hazim Shah, Jomo K.S. and Phua Kai Lit
Kuala Lumpur: Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia 2002
323 pages



Chapter 1
A Reflection on Theory in Malaysian Studies (Patricia Martinez)

Chapter 2
A Nineteenth Century Political Lampoon: The Poem of the Cobra-King and the Frog-King (G.L. Koster)

Chapter 3
Controlling Women’s Bodies: The Use of Women and Girls’ Protection Legislation in Colonial Malaya (c. 1860s – 1940s) (Tan Beng Hui)

Chapter 4
Labour Organisation in Malaya, 1934-1941 (Tai Yuen)

Chapter 5
Watanabe Wataru: The Architect of the Malaya Military Administration, December 1941 – March 1943 (Akashi Yoji)

Chapter 6
Recruitment and Employment Practices in a Multinational Firm: Gendered Divisions of Labour in Malaysia and Britain (Juanita Elias)

Chapter 7
Industrial Development and Globalisation: The Automobile Industry in Malaysia and Thailand (Kamaruding Abdulsomad)

Chapter 8
Patent Protection and its Impact on Drug Prices in Malaysia
(Rokiah Alavi)

Chapter 9
Social Hierarchies in Flux: Change of Social Organisation in Kuala Selangor (Timo Kortteinen)
Chapter 10
From Penampang Boys to Tambunan Sons: Kadazandusun Leadership and their Cultural “Revival” (Yamamoto Hiroyuki)

Chapter 11
Nation-Building in Malaysia: A Sociological Approach and a Political Interpretation (Claudia Derichs)

Chapter 12
Mahathir’s Leadership Style
(In-won Hwang)

Chapter 13
Multimedia Myths and Realities: Contesting Technological Utopianism in Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (Tim Bunnell)

Chapter 14
Placing Development: Landscape Transitions in Malaysia
(Caroline Cartier)


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