3rd International Conference on Politics & International Studies (ICPIS2022)

IPCIS2022 is a gathering of academics aimed at discussing major existential crises occurring at both the global and local levels. The most obvious symptom of these crises is evident in the way some states are reacting towards resolving security challenges, that is, by conducting wars of aggression, in violation of the United Nations Charter. And yet, inter-state tensions and conflicts are rooted in both historical grievances and contemporary politics. These tensions are therefore embedded in the memories and worldviews of societies through nationalism and other forms of collective thought.

There is also the problem of challenges facing democracy as societies become disillusioned, a situation which parallels the rise of the far-right. Various forms of racial discrimination are consequently also on the rise including Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Apartheid, and Colonialism. In reaction, societal movements demanding recognition from the state continue to press forward to achieve gender and racial equality and to create ecosystems where equity, diversity, and inclusion can thrive. Questions remain about the capacity of the mass media and the scientific establishment to ‘tell the truth’. This is in regard to major existential crises facing humanity such as climate change, environmental degradation, and species extinction. ICPIS2022 aims to bring together experts who are concerned about such contemporary developments. We therefore invite contributions from academics, social activists, media practitioners, policy-makers, and others.

Conference Website: https://icpisweb.wixsite.com/home

For more info, please contact: 013-8591998 (Zan)

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